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Marketing Channels

World’s Major Home Lifestyle Provider.


Sales and Product Development --New York Showroom

  • Address: 10W 33rd St. Suite#624,  New York,  NY USA 10001
  • Contact:Ms. Shirley Wu
     Mr.  Newz Zhu
     Jim Barad   
    Pylar White

Sunrise Development

  • Address: 171 Race Path Church Road,  Ellenboro,  NC 28040
  • Contact: Dave Fraser;

Business Cooperate

Sunrise will maximize its corporate competence to provide the satisfactory service and product to our prestigious clients worldwide.


We sincerely invite you to join us if you are

  • Professional

    • Practical Knowledge

    • Customer Oriented Competence

    • Strong Self-awareness

  • Good team player

    • Open Minded

    • Respect Individual

    • Good at Communication with People

  • Personality

    • Positive & Responsible

    • Strong will to Take Challenge

    • Respect Core Value of Organization

  • Our Welfare

    • Medical Support and Insurance Subscription

    • Accommodation:In house Cafeteria

    • Leisure:Personal Leave & Vacation, Annual Team building, Maternity Leave

    • Reward: for Long-term and Exemplary Employees

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  • Asia

    Ms. Shirley Wu

    Mr. Newz Zhu

  • Africa

    Ms. Shirley Wu

    Mr. Newz Zhu

  • European

    Ms. Shirley Wu

    Mr. Newz Zhu

  • Australia

    Ms. Shirley Wu

    Mr. Newz Zhu

  • North America

    Ms. Shirley Wu

    Pylar White

    Mr. Newz Zhu

    Jim Barad

  • South America

    Ms. Shirley Wu

    Mr. Newz Zhu

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